Key Features:

  • Disinfects surfaces
  • Restores surfaces to look like new
  • Banishes colour fatigue
  • Prevents slippy surfaces
  • Unblocks pores, making the surface fully drainable
  • Reduces ice formation in winter

Wet Pour Surface Cleaner

Wet pour is a premium safety surface used primarily by schools, local authorities, parks and contractors. Wet pour installations look fantastic once laid and provide a clean and safe area for children to play. However, over time, the wet pour surfaces are prone to algae, moss and black spot lichen, leaving surfaces looking tired, unclean and unsafe.

For all schools and local authorities, health and safety is always paramount when it comes to children’s play areas and the need to keep surfaces from being in a slippery state is critical. The Power Brush wet pour surface cleaner stops surfaces from being slippy, and helps to reduce ice formation during the winter months by unblocking pores. It also disinfects surfaces and restores colour that was previously fatigued, bringing surfaces back to life.

Using industrial rotary jetting systems, the correct techniques and combined with Power Brush wet pour surface cleaner, we can clean wet pour surfacing and restore it to its new condition, saving you considerable costs over replacement surfaces.

“Faced with a 13-year old wet pour surface, I was quoted for a replacement 1000 square metre wet pour surface by a contractor at £60,000. Power Brush International came to us with their wet pour surface cleaner package, which restored our surface to its original quality, for a fraction of the price at £3,000.” Sandown Adventure Park

Please contact us to arrange a no obligation on site product demonstration. We continuously stock the Power Brush Surface Cleaner and will arrange for next-day delivery on new orders. We also provide 24/7 customer service and support.