Key Features:

  • Easy to operate with hydraulic forward and reverse drive
  • Suitable for sand-filled and sand-dressed surfaces
  • Optional drop through collector to gather debris
  • Stands the carpet pile upright
  • Levels infill and redistributes sand, providing an even playing surface
  • Ability to lower brush head to break up compaction
  • Ride-on option to increase productivity

Power Brush Sand-dressed and Sand-filled Synthetic Sports Surface Sweeper

The importance of maintaining your artificial sports pitch cannot be underestimated, as regular maintenance will extend the life of the surface whilst improving the playing surface for players.

For sand-dressed and sand-filled surfaces, the Power Brush synthetic sports surface sweeper is a perfect solution for maintenance and is used extensively by contractors and groundsmen alike. The Power Brush synthetic sports surface sweeper is a tried and tested machine used by many pitch installers for ongoing maintenance, and is suitable for football pitches, tennis courts, cricket pitches, golf greens, playgrounds and parks. The sweeper can significantly help to improve the condition of synthetic surfaces.

The sweeper can be used either as a pedestrian or as a ride-on sweeper and tends to be used on pitches in 3 different ways:

  • By setting the brush height just below the surface, the brush will raise the pile of the carpet, ensuring better foothold for users, whilst at the same time levelling the sand.
  • The addition of a drop through collector to the front of the machine will enable small items of debris to be collected, whilst allowing sand to filter back into the surface.
  • By lowering the brush head into the sand infill, you can agitate and move the sand, thereby breaking up any compaction which may occur. This assists with drainage and helps to prevent the growth of moss and algae through the surface.

We would recommend the addition of a ride-on operator seat for all full sized pitches and larger areas to increase productivity.

Please contact us to arrange a no obligation on site product demonstration. We also stock replacement parts for the Power Brush synthetic sports surface sweeper, and provide 24/7 customer service and support.