Key Features:

  • Effective brushing of 3G, 4G and 5G surfaces
  • Lifts the pile and dresses the crumb
  • Helps to increase the life of the surface
  • Tine option to break up compaction
  • Groomer brush raises easily for transportation
  • Groomer brush can be stored on the back of the mini tractor
  • 28″ cutting deck can also supplied with the mini tractor

Mini Tractor and Synthetic Sports Surface Groomer

Maintaining your sand-dressed, sand-filled, 3G, 4G or 5G pitch regularly is essential, rather than a luxury and leads to both a better playing surface and an increased life for the pitch.

The mini tractor and synthetic sports surface groomer comes complete with a groomer brush and is one easy way to carry out this regular maintenance with ease. The groomer is ideal for maintaining cricket, football and hockey surfaces.

The groomer brush, with its patented brush design, enables the pitch to be swept and maintained efficiently and effectively, as the brushes can be set to the exact level most suited to the surface, to 1 mm.

With the block design of the brushes at specific angles, this has the triple effect of: lifting the pile of the carpet; dressing the rubber crumb without clogging; and removing debris such as loose fibres.

To clean the brushes of the debris collected, the groomer head can either be folded back onto the mini tractor, or can be detached from the mini tractor unit and stood vertical. The debris can be raked out of the bristles. In addition, when the brush head is folded back onto the mini tractor, it can be fixed and replaced by a tine pan option. The effect of the tines is to get down into the pile of the carpet to break up the crumb as it becomes compacted with use.

The mini tractor can also be supplied complete with a 28″ cutting deck, so you effectively have two machines in one.

Please contact us to arrange a no obligation on site product demonstration. We also stock replacement parts for the mini tractor and synthetic sports surface sweeper, and provide 24/7 customer service and support.