Key Features:

  • Dual power battery and petrol/diesel operated sweeper
  • Working width of 1.45 m
  • Maximum speed of 7 km/hour
  • Waste hopper is hydraulically operated to avoid manual handling
  • Collects small debris as well as bottles and cans
  • Automatic dust filtration for cleaner sweeping
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

Power Brush DC 1400 Dual Power Ride-on Sweeper

The Power Brush ride-on sweeper, DC 1400, is one of the largest all contained sweepers in our range. It has a dual power system, so it can be used either as a battery-powered sweeper or a petrol-/diesel-powered sweeper. This model offers a versatility not found in other similar ride-on sweepers.  There is a choice of three different brushing methods, providing an answer to even the most difficult cleaning situation.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the battery option can be used indoor or whilst operating close to buildings, whilst the petrol and diesel options can be used outdoors, for example, when sweeping roadways.

The Power Brush DC 1400 has a working width of 1.45 metres with a maximum speed of 7 km/hour. The ride-on sweeper will collect debris of all sizes, from stones, glass and cigarette ends up to cans, bottles and leaves. The Power Brush DC 1400 comes with a hydraulic lift to empty the hopper, meaning that all manual handling is avoided.

Such is the versatility of the Power Brush DC 1400, it is ideal for use in a variety of settings, such as schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, warehouses, garden centres, and estates. The Power Brush DC 1400 is also used by several local authorities.

The Power Brush DC 1400 incorporates some extra special features, over other sweepers in our range. These include: a self-levelling automatic main brush pressure control; an adjustable side brush r.p.m; an automatic side brush movement whilst curving; an automatic main brush lift in reverse; dual power, two machines in one, powered both by batteries (internal use) and petrol or diesel (external use); motorised lifting and dumping of hopper at any height up to 143 cm; and a non-stop filter cleaning twin system.

Please contact us to arrange a no obligation on site product demonstration. We also stock replacement parts for the Power Brush DC 1400 and provide 24/7 customer service and support.